About me!

Photography and Cinematography

Haily’s photography is a venture that stems from nothing but a positive OCD aka passion. Our journey dates back to 2011 when Haily Shah, founder and owner of Haily’s Photography, got introduced to the world of photography through a beautiful coincidence that she didn’t know was about to change her life. Haily’s father, to whom she is grateful for more things than one, one day brought home a DSLR camera due to his keen interest towards wildlife photography. The camera intrigued her to an extent that she decided to do something about it. Sarvammangal Patel, a dear family friend, happened to be a professional photographer and happily agreed to mentor her in the field of photography. Haily trained under Mr Patel for a brief period and learnt about the various facets of photography. Her stint with photography ended briefly when she went on to pursue her MBA and later on took up a job in Baroda. But, the heart wants what it wants! The workspace of a 4*4 cubicle nowhere matched the exuberance of the seamless frames that could be captured by the black beauty. With a lot of courage and conviction, Haily decided to follow her heart and quit her job thereby facing objection from parents and society. What seemed difficult then, went on to become one of the best decisions of her life as Haily has now been a professional photographer for the past 2 years, successfully conducting an array of shoots ranging from wedding to concept shoots.